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Originating     from his life's vicissitudes, Mr. Simion MUNTEAN'S paintings tell of the dramatic character and struggles of a life which was burdened with hardship alike a fight in the arena, where most of the weak should be overwhelmed by the strong.
His retrospective anxiety exposed with the virtuosity whereby the bow of his brush cuts within the vibration�s span, the chords of a suffering chromatic marked by an early lashed destiny.

Simion Muntean
October 24, 1953,
Oncesti, Maramures county,
The pursuit is the virtue whereby this striver experiences the alleviation of his own endeavors.
If he was weak or strong,it is only for the posterity - Time's implacable imprinting machine - to decide. Nonetheless, one must recognize this: that he never gave in, whether in times of weakness or strength, and at the turn of half of a century of struggle, his dramatic passion emerged. A chromatic symphony, in which spots of colour compete with each other, and the never-ending waltz leads the viewer's sight, gliding it along the labyrinthine m�lange of emotions visualized by means of rough touches against the naked and fragile thigh of linen canvas. This brutal erotic game of colours excited imagination and made it flow as impetuously as a river springing from the brush of a restless artist. A flux of extenuation pouring gradually into the sea of tranquility and settling through exercise all the struggle and the existential crisis of this dramatic painter. An
dramatic painter, who displayed on canvas the image of an inside where the incessantly boiling volcano erupts at times with the intensity of a Cyclopean force. The overflow of colours resulted in the disintegration of the whole, which came to be perceptively mirrored in the details, fragment by fragment, idea by idea, twilight with dawn, death with life.
This is Simion Muntean , a family of 10 brothers, who was born in Oncesti, in the province of Maramures, Romania.


- Visual art - Gh Chivu from Sighetul Marmatiei lasting 3 years. - Private visual art school lasting 2 years. - ,, Faculty of Theology _Visual Art - University of Pitești ,, - Master; Conservation and restoration of works of art (mobile and fixed) 


 - year 2006, with a duration of 30 days, in the "Millennium" hall, Baia Mare 
-year 2008, lasting 30 days, in the "Millennium" BaiaMare hall 
- Organized antiques fairs; 
- Bontida, Cluj Napoca, Negreni, Bucharest, Târgu Mureș, Oradea.


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